Robertshaw Industrial Products

RF Level Controls

Versatile Level Control Instrumentation


Model 5100

Single Point Controls

The 5100 Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based, advanced technology, on/off level detection instrument.


Model 310

Single Point Controls

The 310 Level-Tek is a remotely mounted, RF capacitance sensing, on/off control and display instrument.


Model 314B

Multi-Point Controls

The 314B Duplex Level-Tek is an all solid state RF control instrument providing on/off control with two independently adjustable set points, each with its own output control relay.


Model 5400A

Multi-Point Controls

The 5400A Level-Lance is a microprocessor-based on/off level control system that provides economical 1 to 4 point control using only one sensing element.


Model 167

Continuous Controls

The 167 Level-Tel is a self-contained sensing transmitter with anti-coating circuitry that prevets build-up on the sensing probe, thus minimizing error.


Excalibur 7000

Continuous Controls

The Excalibur 7000 offers both a smart RF capacitance microprocessor-based level transmitter and PID controller, providing the flexibility to meet all level application requirements.


Model 352

Conductive Point

The 352 Conductivity Switch is an on/off control unit that is completely self-contained and activates when reaching the calibrated set point on the probe.


Model 5318B

Single Point Controls

Micro-Processor based RF Level control